Digitized portrait of Jordan Mynes on a monitor

Jordan Mynes

IT, Programmer, Student

Infographic of responsive web design

Web Design

I am an undergraduate of ITM at Illinois Institute of Technology, where one of my studies is mobile-first responsive web design. Most of my pages are just demos, and can be accessed at (Currently under construction, but useable.) My first designed web page that goes beyond a demo or personal use is in use by the Vocalist Producer Challenge IV, an annual Nerdcore music contest for prize money and glory.

Free Software

Richard Stallman, FOSS legend

One of the primary reasons for my interest in Linux and Bitcoin is my love for the FOSS (Free Open Source Software) community. I'm relatively new to Github submissions, but I'm no stranger to browsing and downloading from other repositories.


I am the co-founder and former president of Illinois Institute of Technology's Bitcoin Club (bIITcoin Chicago). Our club promotes the education and advancement of cryptocurrencies and provides educational resources to the community to promote the usage of cryptocurrencies by community members.


Spock DJing

I am the founder and co-host of Nerdy Nonsense: Remixed (previously Nerdy Nonsense before bringing on my friend and fellow student David Sobel as my co-host) on WIIT 88.9FM through my campus radio station.

I post our show on Mixcloud weekly, which predominantly consists of Nerdcore Hip-Hop and Chiptune/VGM. We even hosted a concert at IIT's The Bog with the bands Soup or Villainz and 1-UP Creative Mindframe, with free admission. This was co-hosted by my organization bIITcoin Chicago. We're even on iTunes now!


Arch Linux desktop screenshot

I'm a GNU/Linux hobbyist, and have used it as my daily driver since 2012. I enjoy dual or triple booting nearly every device I own, down to my phone, when possible. I got sick of Ubuntu early on and moved on to Crunchbang Debian (which is unfortunately now dead, though forked as Crunchbang Plus Plus), drawn by its simplicity and low system requirements. When Crunchbang died I moved on to Arch Linux, which I presently use with these configurations that I found Reddit.